• Whole school (departmental and subject areas).
  • Whole School Policy on Homework.
  • To provide a reference point for pupils, parents and teachers.
  • To provide transparency and accountability.
  • A statutory obligation under Education Act 1998.
  • Developing good study habits and effective study skills
  • Developing students’ organisational skills
  • Enhancing student’s academic performance
  • Developing a sense of responsibility both on the student’s and their parent’s behalf.
Roles and responsibilities                                                                                                                 
Roles and responsibilities were divided into a number of sub- groups based on the partners in education here in St. Macartan’s College.
Board of Management
  • To ensure that the policy is developed and evaluated from time to time.
  • To approve the policy
  • To consider reports from the principal on the implementation of the policy.
Principal, Deputy Principal and the Year Heads
  • To monitor the implementation of the policy.
Subject teacher
  • To implement the policy
Pastoral care (class tutors, guidance and remedial personnel)
  • To monitor the effects of the policy and to be aware of students experiencing difficulty.
  • To provide support and guidance especially for those experiencing difficulty.
  • To liaise with subject teachers especially in relation to consideration for students with special educational needs
  • To recognize that they are the single biggest influence in their child’s success in schools
  • To be involved in and supportive of School Homework Policy
  • To provide a conducive environment in which to carry out homework.
  • To oversee and ensure that the child does the assigned homework.
  • To be responsible for the checking and signing of the Homework Journal.
  • To record and carry out all Homework effectively and be prepared for sanction if found to be unsatisfactory.
  • All homework should be neat and tidy.
  • A balanced amount of homework should be given
  • Homework should be monitored particularly in first year to ensure that it is equitable(admittedly some people had reservations with regard to overload in terms of a tutor’s work. It was accepted however that this was an issue for first year tutors in particular).
  • The length of time that should be devoted to homework should be clearly specified i.e. 1-2 Hours 1st and 2nd Year, 2-3 hours 3rd Year.
  • Balancing written and oral work was deemed impractical.
  • Importance was attached to feedback on homework.
  • Homework should be meaningful.
  • Students should be given specific guidelines in study skills.
  • Parents will be informed when homework set is not carried out and detention or appropriate sanctions may be imposed.
Success Criteria of the Policy
  • The quality of homework is satisfactory.
  • Students perform better at time of examinations.
  • A positive attitude is created towards homework.
Monitoring Procedures
  • Subject teachers monitor assigned homework.
  • Class tutor checks School Journal.
  • Parents check that the homework is complete and Parents sign journal.
  • The Principal oversees the implementation of the policy and provides feedback to the staff.
Review Procedures
  • To be reviewed every two years.
  • The review team to include Principal, Deputy Principal, and Year heads.
  • Views and experiences of teachers, students and parents to be taken into account.
  • A report of the review will be presented to the Board of Management, staff, Parent’s Association and the Student Council.
  • To be reviewed in September 2015.