Wednesday 23rd May, 2012 Fortunes, Take Me Out
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Fifth year students from the student councils of St. Louis and St. Macartans College held an event to fundraise for Trocaire on the 29th of March. Trocaire was selected as the charity as the event took place during lent.
As both 5th year groups assembled in Halla St. Louis, there was great anticipation for the planned events – 5th Year Fortunes and Take Me Out.
Four teams of six students battled against each other to come up with the most popular response to questions in the similar style to the Family Fortunes television programme. This was followed by a panel of 25 girls, lining up for the chance of winning a date with one of the six St. Macartans bachelors. It was as exciting as the well-known T.V. show ‘Take Me Out’.
Each student contributed €3 towards Trocaire. The success of the event can be gauged by the fact that €377 was raised for this worthy cause. Both Student Councils presented the cheque to Fr. John Chester on Wednesday the 23rd of May
Take Me Out