Thursday 20th November, 2014St. Macartan's College Students in Poetry Aloud Finals
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St. Macartan's College Student in Poetry Aloud Finals



Pictured above Louis Madden and Shane Mc Mahon who represented St Macartans’s College in the All Ireland semi-finals of the “Poetry Aloud” competition held in the National Library Dublin on Thursday 20th November. Shane won a place in the finals, to be held in the same venue on 5th December. Best Wishes for the Final. Swedish T.V. channel Kanel 5 will spend Thursday the 4th of December with Shane at St. Macartan's watching him prepare for the Poetry Aloud finals and following him through a normal days class at school.

(Shane McMahon with Pamela Wikholm and Dan Taivassalo from Sweedish TV programme Popreel (Kanal 5) who followed Shane as he prepared for the All-Ireland Poetry Aloud finals.)