Friday 5th December, 2014Chemistry Outreach Programme: Science Week 2014
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The Chemistry Outreach Programme involved all members of the transition year chemistry class and four groups of 6th class students from local primary schools. Initially, the transition year students prepared a Power Point presentation and a booklet which were distributed to  all of the  6th class pupils. The fourth year students visited St. Mary’s Boys National School, Urbleshanny National School and St. Patrick’s NS Corracrin during Science Week. They addressed the 6th class pupils on at to expect when they study science in secondary school and outlined practical element of the course, emphasising the importance of safety.


The four 6th class groups visited the science laboratories at St. Macartan’s during November and December. Prior to their visit, the chemistry students were busy setting out all the various apparatus required. The primary school children were afforded the opportunity to work ‘as scientists’ to carry out an experiment testing common substances to observe if they were acidic or basic. Various other scientific experiments were demonstrated to the pupils. Each group of 6th class pupils were guided by a transition year boy.


The outreach programme was a great success. It was exciting for the 6th class pupils to dress up and work as scientists and a mutually beneficial experience for the transition years who peer mentored the younger pupils.