Saint Macartan's College provides a curriculum suitable for the broad cross section of students attending the school.

Our School’s Curriculum

Our school offers a six year post primary education, three years at Junior Cycle and three years at Senior Cycle. Transition Year is compulsory for all students in Fourth Year other than those who take the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.

Junior Certificate Subjects:

·         Gaeilge

·         English

·         Mathematics

·         History

·         Geography

·         Science

·         French

·         German

·         Religious Education

·         Physical and Health Education

·         Materials Technology Wood

·         Technical Graphics

·         Art, Craft and Design

·         Music

·         Business Studies

·         ICT and Computer Programming

St. Macartan’s College Junior Certificate results are amongst the best in Ireland.


Transition Year

Transition Year offers a broad range of educational activities including traditional subjects, ICT, careers education, work experience, personal development ,modules and a range of organised activities.

Modules include, Enterprise Studies, E-Commerce, Gaelic Games, Journalism, Pottery, Safe Driving, Money Management, Self Defence, Computer Programming, D.IY, Art, Positive Mental Health, Woodcraft, School Musical and School Tours.


Leaving Certificate Subjects

·         Gaeilge

·         English

·         Mathematics

·         History

·         Geography

·         Physics

·         Chemistry

·         Biology

·         Design and Communication Graphics

·         Business Studies

·         Art

·         French

·         Applied Mathematics

·         Religion

·         Construction Studies

·         Career Guidance

·         Physical Education

St. Macartan’s College Leaving Certificate results are amongst the best in Ireland.


The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) combines the academic strengths of the Leaving Certificate (established) with a focus on self-directed learning, enterprise, work and the community. The primary goal of the LCVP is to prepare young people for adult life by ensuring that they are educated in the broadest sense, with an ability to cope in the environment of rapid change.

The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

The Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) caters for students who do not wish to take the traditional Leaving Certificate. The Leaving Certificate Applied is self-contained two-year programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life. The programme puts an emphasis on forms of achievement which the establishment Leaving Certificate has not recognised in the past.