Teachers are the professional educators. Their role in society is vital, unique and far-reaching. Teacher professionalism is central to the work of schools and to the achievement of broader social and economic goals. High standards of teacher professionalism require good working conditions, a supportive community and policies which support schools and the work of teachers. It is important for society to support the right of teachers to teach and the right of students to learn.


Teaching Staff 


Back Row: J. Groarke, G. Coyle, K. Kildea, Mark O' Connor, M. Counihan, M. Mc Cormack, N. Mc Carvill, B. Mc Ardle, D. Boland, B. Flynn, S. Meehan, B. Finlay, J. Greenan, N, O' Brien.

Third Row: Barry Cuddy, P. Hughes, D. Mc Cague, C. Duffy, C. Mc Kenna, S. O' Shaughnessy, B. Carroll, P. West, D. Duffy, P. Meehan, A. Teague, F. Gallagher, R. Mc Skeane, M. Traynor.

Second Row: P. Duffy, D. Mc Menamin, J. Conaty, C. Mulhern, E. Mc Cabe, V. Duffy, L. Walshe-Fitzgerald, S. Mc Kernan, G. Garvey (R.I.P.), B. Mc Aree, M. Smyth, A. Malone, D. Brady, T. Foley.

Front Row: L. Mc Crea, R. Mallon, D. Murphy, E. Kelly, Rev. S. Joyce, R. Mc Hugh, Rev. S. Mc Caughey, M. Mc Donald, S. Mc Colgan, M. Todd, N. Flynn, V. Mc Carvill, P. Smyth


Back Row: B. Monagle, P. West, P. Hughes, D. Mc Cague, P. Duffy, G. Coyle,  D. Mc Menamin, J. Kirke,  A. Mc Geough, J. Conaty, S. Meehan,

Third Row:  V. Mc Carville, E Mc Cabe, E. Kelly, J. Groarke, C. Cahill, F. Griffin, C. Mulhern, R. Mallon, S. O' Shaughnessy,  A. Teague, D. Brady, T. Smith,

Second Row: S. Mc Kernan, K. Kildea,  Rev. D. Harkin, F. Gallagher, S. Mc Colgan, L. Walsh-Fitzgerald, M. Treacy, G. Garvey, C. Fleming,  A. Malone, C. Kerins, B. Mc Aree, L. Mc Crea,  B. Carroll,

Front Row:  V. Duffy, B. Finlay, S. Colreavy, B. Flynn, N. Flynn, M. Mc Donald, Rev. S. Mc Caughey, R. Mc Hugh, M. Todd, M. O' Hagan, G. Reilly, D. Murphy, P. Smith. 


"Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions"