Our Transition Year Programme aims to provide opportunities for the students to try new things and enhance their gifts and talents. It allows students to try new educational methodologies away from the pressures of examinations. In this section of the website you will be given a flavour of some of the events which have taken place so far. Currently there are more than two events running concurrently with academic classes and modules each week. At the start of the year each student was set the challenge to become involved in as many activities as possible over the course of the year.

I would like to direct you to your son’s TY journal which acts as a reflective diary of all the talks, modules, presentations, projects and activities he has engaged in personally to allow you to see for yourself the diversity and richness of our TY programme. This year’s group of TY students have been particularly active in seeking out new experiences and have seized every opportunity offered to them, as you will see at our TY evening in May. I wish to inform you that I intend to decrease the number of TY activities in the final term in order to refocus our students on their academic subjects in preparation for senior cycle. Finally I would like to acknowledge Mr Mc Hugh, Ms Mc Donald, and Ms Mc Colgan for all their support and organisation to allow me to offer all these TY experiences. I wish also to thank, on behalf of this year’s TY cohort, all my fellow teachers who have worked so hard in organising many of our TY events so far with more to come ….

- Tuesday the 10th of March until Friday the 13th of March will see the St Macartan’s production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” take to the stage. The show promises to be an outstanding performance and tickets will be on sale shortly from the school office and Rocks’ shop in Park Street.

- Students will go on their second work experience placement from Monday the 16th of March until Friday the 20th of March.

- 23rd of March will see our TY students partake in the International PISA study. These are the tests used to determine the international educational rankings between countries.

- 7th of May will see students present their display at the SVP Youth for Justice Exhibition.

- The TY Enterprise class, under the guidance of Ms Mc Colgan, will take part in the regional Young Entrepreneur Competition.

- Ms Mc Skeane & Mr Mallon, with the TY Meitheal students and the student council, will run events for first year students.

- Mr Hughes and the “A.I.B. Build a Bank” team will present the fruits of their hard work at the Regional Finals.

- Mr Mc Aree will accompany the TY history class to Derry to explore that historic city.

- All students will attend the Rotary “Safe Driving” day in the Hillgrove in April.

Mr. Enda Mc Cabe

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