Bebras International Maths Challenge

Five of our Transition Year students, Oran McElligott, Pádraig Meehan, Peter Mc Phillips, Niall Mc Manus and Tom Lynch were invited to take part in the international challenge on Friday 14th November, based on their outstanding Junior Cert Results in Maths/Science.   The Irish Bebras Computing Contest (IBCC), is an All Ireland problem-solving challenge with a focus on computational and logical thinking, and is also part of the International Bebras Computing Contest which introduces Computer Science to students. It is designed to get Irish students at a young age excited about computing. It also aims to identify and encourage students having a talent in the area of computational thinking.  On competition day, the questions were in the form of engaging problem solving puzzles, related to computer programming and our students excelled in these, with Oran and Pádraig both receiving a Silver Award for their efforts.  Well done to all.