Supporting Autism Spectrum Condition in St. Macartan’s College

In St. Macartan’s College, Seomra ‘16’ reflects the inclusive ethos of our school and uses a blended teaching and learning programme.  Students are included in mainstream classes and all aspects of school life while also being supported in the Autism class. We celebrate students’ strengths, support their challenges and teach life skills to enable them to be as  independent as possible. Our team supports sensory diets, physiotherapy exercises and are qualified in Braincalm training to support students’ sensory/emotional needs.

There are currently two established autism classes in St. Macartan’s College with highly qualified teachers who have experience in the area of autism and special educational needs. The ethos of provision for our autistic students centres around access and inclusion.

Our staff in St. Macartan’s College are committed to supporting autistic students in our school.

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