Presentation To Mr. V. Mc Carvill

The student Council made a presentation to Mr. Vincent Mc Carvill who retired from teaching at the end of the last school. Mr. Mc Carvill will be greatly missed as a teacher and colleague. He joined the staff in 1978 and was principally a teacher of Physics. Also notably he developed the I.T. resources within the school to a remarkable standard. Mr. Mc Carvill was highly regarded nationally in this field. He was also took a very active interest in the secondary schools’ teachers union, the A.S.T.I. and encouraged all teachers to be active participants and fully informed as members.

V. Mc Carvill1

Tom Hayes (Head Prefect) and Dathai Colton (Deputy Head Prefect make a presentation to Mr. V. Mc Carvill

V. Mc Carvill2

Ms. M. Mc Donald, Deputy Principal, Mr. V. Mc Carvill, Tom Hayes, Dathai Colton and Mr. R. Mc Hugh, Principal at the presentation in the Staff Room