St. Macartan’s College Compete in National MACE Debating Finals

Congratulations to Nikodem Kawonyczk and Dylan McClave who came top in the leaderboard and won the Ulster MACE Debating Competition. Congratulations also to Adam Lambe, James McKenny and Paraic Clerkin who were Ulster Finalists. All boys will now compete in the All-Ireland Final on Saturday, April 21st.

They are coached by previous MACE Debate Regional Finalist and All- Ireland Finalist, Rory O’Hare.

Mace debating is the most recognised international type of debating with both the European and World Championship being held in this format. Competitors have twenty minutes to prepare a topic, without assistance,  speak for four minutes, accept points of information and offer them from the floor.

Students must think on their feet, have a vast general knowledge, be able to put forward concise and logical arguments while at the same time allowing their ideas to evolve and adapt to the debate that is happening and engage with all the arguments being put forward. Style and engagement with the audience are very important and the speakers quickly learn that the rhetoric and the way they put forward their ideas are just as important as the ideas themselves.

Ádh mór leo