TY Musical- Photos and Comments from Jesus Christ Superstar

Congratulations to the cast and crew of our musical Jesus Christ Superstar on an outstanding run. Simply superb. 4 nights and 4 standing ovations. Thank you Ms. Mulhern, Ms. O’Hara, cast and crew of Jesus Christ Superstar.#semabú

A few comments from spectators “TY superstars superb in Jesus Christ Superstar! Brilliant production and performances! #maithsibh#standingovation” and “Unbelievable show from @stmacartans tonight#jesuschristsuperstar ..”

An interesting view from a parent below:


On Wednesday evening I went to St.Macartan’s College to watch the 4thyears’ musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. I went in a state of trepidation that only a parent truly understands. Having been to many, many school concerts, carol services , talent shows and end of year song fests with varying degrees of ability and talent on show, you have to wade through oceans of tedium until your own little diamonds perform with utter brilliance. For this performance I didn’t even have any offspring on the stage. But as soon as it began I was transfixed.The stage set was amazing, the lighting spectacular, the costumes simply wonderful and the performances…..well they were consummately professional.

The whole cast were great but the three leads Fintan McKenna, Keelan O’Reilly  and the swaggering Matthew Rice were exceptional. I thought it odd that they felt it necessary to include a ‘plot synopsis’ in the programme notes for a musical based on the life and death of Jesus, but maybe that was just me.The show ended with a harrowing death scene on the cross and deafening silence until the lights came back up and everyone rose to their feet in a standing ovation.

On my way out of the theatre I chatted with the father of one of the apostles and told him that it was a fantastic show and a credit to all concerned.“Especially the woodwork teacher” he said. I was a little taken aback. It wasn’t the first thing that sprung to my mind having witnessed a great musical with a cast of 18, a senior choir of 28, a junior choir of 24 and an orchestra of 9. “The woodwork teacher ???” I queried politely. “Oh yes”, he replied “ that was one fine halving joint on that cross.” Each to their own.



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